Why you should choose Damai:
All core staff have been with the company between 8-12 years, 4 to 1 guide to diver ratio, no bottom time limit, free beer or wine at dinner, Treks, village visits, deserted beaches and wildlife exploration visits, 45 min welcome massage, only 12 guests and 18 staff.

Damai II has a deck length of 40 meters and a beam of 9 meters at its widest point. It has been built to an uncompromising standard and fitted out with all the latest diving, navigation and safety equipment to ensure that the level of service appreciated on their first vessel, Damai 1, is maintained and, where possible, improved upon.

The vessel has three large outside deck areas with an outside dining facility, massage and spa treatment area and plenty of extra lounging and sunbathing space.
The below deck accommodation has been designed to accommodate single or twin occupants in a level of luxury not seen on another vessel in Indonesia.

Each cabin boasts a private bathroom withg shower with a queen-size bed and a separate day bed.
The cabins measure approximately 20sq.mts  (225 sq.ft) each and have been finished with the highest quality furnishings.
The stern staterooms are over 400 sq.ft each and boast their own private deck with loungers, a super-king size bed, day beds, two desks and ensuite shower and separate head.

The dive station is served by large individuals rinse tanks. The camera room is large also. The 4 diver to 1 guide ratio that the customers enjoy so much has, of course, been maintained and they have added 2 custom designed high speed tender boats.
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Some of the most frequently asked questions about Indonesia
When is the best time to Go - How to get to Raja - Raja Diving and the Dive sites - How to get to Komodo - Komodo Diving and the Dive sites - What are the advantage of a Liveaboard over Shore diving - Are these trips suitable for non-divers / snorkellers - The Latest Indonesian Travel Information - Other general FAQs

Damai 2 - schedule

Damai 2 - prices and what's included

Prices are per person per trip and based on 2 persons sharing a cabin.
Exact pricing is available on the schedule here as prices vary dependant on the time of year, destination and the length of the trip and sometimes special offers are available.

The trip price includes:
Return transfers to/from the vessel to/from the airport or hotel on the day of embarkation or disembarkation, within a distance of 20km.
Accommodation with A/C in twin or double bed cabin with en-suite showers and toilet.
All meals and drinks while on board (excluding wine and Spirits). One glass of wine per person each night will be complimentary.
Air Tanks, weight belt and weights.
Unlimited daytime diving and night dives (as per request and schedule permitting).
Government taxes.
Land tours and group activities organized by Dive Damai.
First spa treatment of each person on board.
All other inclusions stipulated within your invoice / payment receipt.

The trip price does not include
All vessel port and harbour fees.
Enriched Air Nitrox.
Dive/snorkel gear rental.
National Park/maritime areas entrances fee.
Spa treatments after the first complimentary.
Dive insurance is mandatory as is your own personal dive computer (You can rent one for the trip if you do not have your own).
As well as the Mandatory Dive Insurance we highly recommend Trip and Travel Insurance on the off chance of missed or cancelled flights / lost baggage, documents, money or passport / Covid issues or any other unforeseen problems that could possibly occur.
Dive Assure Insurance offers cover for all these eventualities as well as complete Dive Insurance all in one package.
Crew gratuities.
International and domestic air, land, sea transportation, and excess baggage.
Visa, hotels and food ashore before and after the cruise.
Dive insurance is MANDATORY. Customer without a valid dive insurance will not be allowed to dive.

Each boat has two double cabins that could be used as SINGLE CABIN for an additional US$175 per night.

Booking and Cancellation Terms and Conditions.
Booking deposit: 30% of your invoice total is required within 7 days of booking to confirm your booking.
Final payment of 70% is due to 90 days prior to the departure date to complete your invoice payment.
Individual bookings made less than 90 days before the departure date will be payable in full upon booking to confirm your booking.
Cancellation at any stage involves forfeit of monies already payed.
Payment can be made via bank transfer, Wise, Credit or Debit card (Visa, AMEX, Mastercard) or Apple pay at no extra charge.

Group Booking Policy
Dive Damai offers 5% discount for group of 4 -7 guests.
A group of 8 paying guests will receive 1 space free of charge at a deluxe cabin rate.
Full boat charter is 10 paying guests + 2 guests free of charge.

Chartering one of our boat will give you the chance to select the route you prefer to do, we will tailor make the trip. The advantages are multiple and among them we could mention the chance to stay as long as you want in one spot without having to be worried about the preferences of the rest of the customers.
Being able to spend your diving holidays with your friends, with the whole crew dedicated entirely to you is very tempting, astherearethe rates we offer when you select this option…you are the real master and comander!

Full charter:
Booking deposit:
10% - within 7 days of booking - non-refundable
Second deposit:
20% 180 days prior to departure - non-refundable
Balance due
90 days before departure - non-refundable

Please note that you must have a minimum of 6 months left on your passport and one full clean page for your visa on arrival.

Dive Equipment Rental
*The Boat encourages guests to book all inclusive package to include full equipment & Nitrox at a very special price. Please contact us for details or if you wish to add equipment during your trip.
*Free Nitrox and complementary dive equipment will be offered for all repeat customers.
*If you wish to rent the dive equipment separately, individual rate for Non-Inclusive is:

Diving Equipment Rentals (USD)
Full Set (regulator, octopus, BCD, wetsuit, mask, fins, dive computer) $10 per diving day

Damai 2 - Video

Damai 2 - cabins

Damai2 has 6 cabins for 12 guests.

  • Damai 2

    Master Suite

  • Damai 2

    Master Suite

  • Damai 2

    Master Suite 6

  • Damai 2

    Master Suite 6

  • Damai 2

    Lower Deck

  • Damai 2

    Lower Deck

  • Master Suites
    Master Suite #5 has king size bed (200x200) and a narrow day bed, 2 desks, private balcony and inside the cabin, two compartments room for shower and toilette, reading lights and two bed side tables.
    It also has private balcony that are covered with glass windows and two separate compartments for shower and toilet.

    Master Suite #6 is 40 sq. metres in size and has a king size bed (200x200) and a day bed (100x200), 2 desks, private balcony and 2 ensuite compartments for shower and toilet, reading lights and two bed side tables.
    It also has private walk out balcony and two separate compartments for shower and toilet.
    They are fully air-conditioned and equipped with flat screen TV within a centralized entertainment system and of course en-suite facilities.

    Cabin #7 is located on the bridge deck.
    It is 18 sq. metres and has a double or twin bed (200x200), a desk, direct access to the sun decks, reading lights and bed side tables. It is fully air-conditioned and equipped with flat screen TV within a centralized entertainment system and of course en-suite facilities.

    Lower Deck Deluxe or Single Cabin
    Cabin #1 and #2 are 20 sq meters / 215 sq feet in size and are fitted with a double bed (160cm x 200cm / 5.25 feet x 6.56 feet) and a day bed (100cm x 200cm / 3.28 feet x 6.56 feet), desk, wardrobe, reading lights and bed side table.
    Cabin #3 and #4 are a good size of 25 sq meters / 269 sq feet and fitted with a double bed (160cm x 200cm / 5.25 feet x 6.56 feet) and a day bed (100cm x 200cm / 3.28 feet x 6.56 feet), desk, wardrobe, reading lights and bed side table.
    They are fully air-conditioned and have a flat screen TV pre-loaded a good collection of entertainment.
    The en-suite facilities of dry and wet zone, of which the shower is divided with a glass door.

Damai 2 - diving

Some of the most frequently asked questions about Indonesian Diving
When is The Best time to Go
Raja Ampat Diving and the Dive sites
Komodo Diving and the Dive sites
The top 10 reasons to join a Liveaboard in Raja
What are the advantage of a Liveaboard over Shore diving
Are these trips suitable for non-divers / snorkellers

Damai 2 - itineraries

Raja Ampat (Sorong to Sorong trip)

Diving in Raja Ampat is breathtaking, with the marine life thriving from the sea floor to the surface and the colourful reef teeming with activity. There are sites that are so pristine and packed with growth, that a photographer is hard-pressed to find a spot to place a steadying finger. Exotic sea life and macro critters abound of course, and photo opportunities border on overwhelming.  Raja Ampat liveaboard trips offer divers the opportunity to explore the entire region. You have the colourful soft coral areas around the southern islands of Misool with the opportunity to see sharks and mobula rays. In the north you have the world famous current rich Dampier Straits with iconic dive sites like Cape Kri and Blue Magic. In the east you can visit pristine coral gardens and climb to the viewpoint above the lagoon at Penemu. In the north you can dive with mantas at Kawe and go critter hunting in Aljui Bay.   Luxury liveaboard diving on Damai I or Damai II offers charters out of Sorong and gives you the opportunity to explore this extensive area in comfort. You can combine this excellent itinerary with other destinations like Triton Bay and Cenderawasih Bay to complete the Papuan diving experience. - how to get to Raja Ampat.

Komodo (Labuan Bajo to Labuan Bajo trip)

Diving in the Komodo National Park is an amazing experience . The abundance and variery of large and small animals, reef creatures and pelagics, invertebrates and vertebrates, shallow reefs, drop-offs and drift dives produces exceptional diving, widely regarded as some of the best in the world. ‘The idea of comparing dive destinations has always made us uncomfortable. But we are very comfortable saying that Komodo will provide you with some of the most memorable diving you will ever do. You will love the place!’ Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock.   Komodo liveaboard trips offers divers the chance to visit all the iconic dive sites like Batu Bolong and Castle Rock as well as a chance to enjoy some lesser known beauties in both the north and the south of the area.   Damai I and Damai II liveaboards offer dates throughout the year and the charters leave from both Bima, Sumbawa and Labuanbajo, Flores to ensure you experience this amazing destination in depth. Damai can also combine this itinerary with diving in Bali and Alor.  

Banda Sea trip

Diving in the Banda Sea offers some of the most unique diving adventures to be found in Indonesia. Located between the much publicized Raja Ampat islands to the north and the venerable Komodo islands to the south, this exciting outpost has distinct volcanic islands and sea mounts which rise from the depths offering superb wall diving and boundless marine life.   Banda Sea liveaboard trips visit the historically significant island of Banda Neira, once the center of the Dutch/Portuguese Spice Trade dating back to the early 1600s, now a virtually inaccessible outpost of Indonesia offering amazing macro subjects and encounters with the rare mandarin fish demonstrating their lively mating rituals. A jewel in the crown of the Banda Sea lies further south at Pulau Manuk where seas are populated by hundreds of seasnakes. Dive Nusa Laut for both an example of healthy coral reef and a chance to see hammerhead sharks.   Damai I and Damai II  liveaboards offer multiple dates departing out of Ambon to visit these pristine reefs and cruise in luxury on seas of indescribable beauty and biodiversity. We also combine dives in the Banda Sea in our Forgotten Islands, Alor and Raja Ampat itineraries.

Cendrawasih Bay

Diving in Cenderawasih Bay National Marine Park allows you to experience one of Indonesia’s newest and most exciting diving destinations and DAMAI is one of the most experienced operators in this area. In fact one of the original survey trips was undertaken from the decks of Damai I and our staff have many months working in this challenging and remote location. Cenderawasih Bay liveaboard trips offer diver the unique opportunity of spending hours diving with multiple Whale Sharks and we regularly see the sub-adults around the local fishing platforms in only a few meters of water. However the area also boasts an incredibly rich history from the many battles between Allied and Japanese forces in the area during WWII and the area is littered with diveable wrecks of aircraft and ships. Finally there are the unique biological aspects of the bay. Geologically the area has been isolated for many millions of years and as a result many unique and endemic species have developed. Fish and creature watchers will be delighted by many species that they will have never seen before. Damai I liveaboard offers a short season of trips out of Biak which concentrate in the inner and outer bay or combine dives in Cenderawasih in Raja Ampat itineraries.

surrounded by hundreds of these marine reptiles for an adrenaline charge unequaled. The Banda Sea, an ocean oasis of indescribable beauty and biodiversity.

Triton Bay

Of all the tropical reefs we have seen in our combined 70 years of diving, Triton Bay is at the top of the list for fish diversity, soft corals and topside scenery. Rightly called a “species factory” by leading marine scientists, the region’s dive sites are swarming with fish and almost every nook is occupied by an exotic invertebrate. For us as adventurers and lovers of exotic dive travel, probably the best thing about Triton Bay is that it remains largely unexplored, and liveaboard divers still have the opportunity to dive on untouched reefs. Here is where we firs introduce our special “dive a la Carte” programm.

Underwater photography on Damai is one of the reasons why we decided to go to a 4-1 ratio divers to divemaster. We want our customers to feel free underwater, without the pressure of many other divers around them as they work with their cameras.

Our guides are among the best in Indonesia, and constantly strive to meet your every need and exceed your expectations. Whatever your diving goals, our team will spare no effort to help you achieve them. Personalized service is our specialty, with groups limited to 3 divers per guide, allowing us to stay close and look for special creatures while you while you concentrate on your photography. This approach also gives us more time to spend with each diver, whether you are interested in photography or not. And, by keeping groups so small, you will have more special moments surrounded by marine life and less by strobes, cameras and other divers.

Like many of you, we love to take underwater photos and video. We do not claim to get better results than anyone else, but we do have years of first hand experience. We understand the passion and dedication that is required for successful underwater imaging, and realize its importance our guests, whether amateur or seasoned professional. Through the years we have learned much about what it takes to capture good images, helping us design a program to match the needs of even the most experienced image makers .

In order to achive these goals we will be offering the following:

  • FOC Pony bottles on board for your own safety and comfort
  • Individual rinse tanks
  • Individual space, clearly independent,at the camerastation with both 110V and 220V connections
  • Underwater photo-video pro at your disposal
  • Projector lounge
  • 32% or 36% FOC nitrox fro added safety and / orto prolong your bottom time
  • NikonD200 and Sony HDR-HC7 video with all the ports, lightsetc, to be used by our customersFOC in case of damage oftheir own one.

Indonesia is unique, and so are you. At Dive Damai, we appreciate how valuable your time and resources are, and believe that you deserve the very best in facilities and personalized service to create special memories for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Damai donates Us$1 per person per night to Project Damai and 50% of every image which is sold from our own gallery. We will have an open account giving transparency to the fund so that you can see exactly how the funds are spent.

Our well trained and professional dive master team will be at your disposal. The low number of customers allows us to pay individual attention underwater and being able to know exactly what is that you want to achieve on the trip and try to provided, if Mother Nature behaves… We just want to see crowds of fish and corals surrounded but…you!!!

Every destination in Indonesia has its own strength, let us share with you the different places we will be diving at and see what to find in each of them but be assured Damai will show you best of every destination.