This includes Raja Ampat, Komodo, Ambon, Saumlaki, Maumere and Sangalaki.

Currently Indonesia is in a lockdown until 20Jul21.
It IS possible to enter Indonesia at this time by applying in advance for a single entry B211A buiness visa, this cost about Us$400. You must enter via Jakarta and do the requisite quarantine once you arrive.
All international arrivals must be fully vaccinated.
Foreigners will not be permitted entry if they are not fully vaccinated and carry the correct documentation showing this.
You can then travel domestically after you have completed these steps
At this current time Indonesia is NOT yet providing Visas on arrival (VOA - the one you normally receive at the airport and don't need to apply for in advance that allows you 30 days stay) but don't let this put you off, you can still apply in advance for the B211A business visa that entitles you to stay for 60 days in Indonesia so feel free to take advantage of the special offers for 2021 that are available right now and dive empty dive sites!
Check out this link. and find a great deal whilst offers last as there are plans to start opening up wider International Tourism in Bali and Indonesia shortly which should enable easier access to dive areas and Liveaboards.

Here is the link to find out more about the B211A single entry business visa and the company that can help you obtain this E-Visa within 3 days.

In order to travel to Indonesia :

You need Travel Insurance or Health Insurance
You are required to complete a general health check, you can get this from your local doctor.
It needs to state that you are of good health and fit for entering Indonesia.
All international arrivals must be vaccinated and carry the documentation proving this.
Please have your vaccination documents ready for examination.
You will also have to undergo a quarantine period of 8 days at a designated location upon arrival.
Before departure please make sure that you have a PCR test for Covid 19 test results Within 7 days of of arrival in Indonesia
(The main point is the test result still valid when you arrive in Indonesia)
PCR Test must be in English and babies and children must have PCR tests also
Show Your Indonesian e-VISA to the Immigration officer upon arrival, your e-Visa will be activated from the day you arrive in Indonesia.
Your 60 days include the date of your arrival.

The General Booking conditions for the near future are...
if you are unable to join your trip due to Covid travel restrictions at your point of departure or your own home country are you can cancel for free and move your trip to a later date creating a risk free booking situation.

Domestic travel has been open and running since the 31 July 20.

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