This includes Raja Ampat, Komodo, Ambon, Saumlaki, Maumere and Sangalaki.

Indonesia is heading towards re-opening to International tourism on the 1st Dec 2020
At this current time Indonesia is NOT yet open for International travellers but don't let this put you off, take advantage of the special offers for 2021 that are available right now as these offers are not expected to last long so check out this link. and find a trip for you whilst the offers are still available.

The General Booking conditions for the near future are...
if you are unable to join your trip due to Covid travel restrictions at your point of departure or your own home country are you can cancel for free and move your trip to a later date creating a risk free booking situation.

International travel is expected to open soon with the "new normal" criteria that is now come to be expected with modern day travel.
Domestic travel has been open and running since the 31 July 20.
Most likely travel restrictions will be as below as this now applies to all domestic travel inside of the country so the same would most likely be expected with any international arrivals once the country re-opens


Every person would be eligible to travel as long as a Health Certificate with a recent COVID-19 free result is presented based on demand.
For departures from regions that do not have a COVID-19 test facility, travellers may substitute it with a Health Certificate that shows symptoms-free of influenza-like illnesses issued by a hospital/community health center doctor*

*Health Certificate Validity
Based on COVID-19 Handling Acceleration Force letter, the acceptable period of Health Certificates based on COVID-19 test type results are as follows:
• Health Certificate with a non-reactive Rapid test results valid maximum 14 days from the health facility issuance
• Health Certificate with a negative PCR/Swab test results valid maximum 14 days from the health facility issuance
- Limited to passengers with international flight to Jakarta/Surabaya/Denpasar the PCR/Swab test results valid maximum 7 days from the health facility issuance


To leave the Indonesia currently there are no requirements but each guest should refer to their particular destination country's entry policy from Indonesia and information from their government, embassy, and related authority's website or IATA Travel Center.
According to the Singapore Authority, flight transit through Singapore Changi Airport is temporary not allowed until further notice.

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